Welcome to Aganang Consulting Engineers ICT Ticketing System. This system will change the method of using a phone to report problems or issues.
 It will allow Aganang employees to login into the website and fill in all the required information such as the type of a problem and the name of the branch where the employee is based and after filling that information click send ticket to the technicians. The technicians will then be notified about your problem via email and they will try and respond to you as soon as possible.

The requestors have an opportunity to check if their tickets have been answered using a check-progress page. 

To get started with this system you must first register then login, after logging in you should see a link that says send ticket, click that link and start filling in what is required.


If there are any issues on this website, or if you cannot send the ticket, then you can contact the technicians. Their contacts are on the contact us page.

There is also About page which has some information about the version of this Web application. You can also see whats's new in this application in the About page when new versions are launched.